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The copper solution

Homes built before the 70’s were fitted with galvanized pipes. Many homes nowadays still have galvanized pipes. These pipes are outdated and will eventually break down no matter what. They used to be the industry standard but not any more. Sooner or later, you’ll need to repipe your system. Have you thought about a copper repipe? Copper is the modern day solution. It is a very popular option that has a long history of reliability.

Some advantages of copper is that it Copper Repipeis very durable and flexible. It lasts twice as long as pex, the other popular solution, and is easy to install. Copper is more corrosion resistant than other metals and is bacteria resistant. It is weather and UV resistant so it can be used outside. It’s also a lot safer in natural disasters. A copper repipe has also been proven to be eco-friendly because of the fact that it can be recycled.

A copper repipe does come with some disadvantages though. Copper is an expensive material so doing a repipe for your water system can get pretty expensive. Because of it’s value, the copper in your home is susceptible to copper theft too. In extreme cold, copper can freeze and break. Water that is too acidic or basic can also corrode the pipes but this doesn’t exactly mean that the water is bad for you.

Copper is a very reliable solution if you’re looking to repipe your home. Give Gallagher’s a call today and see if a copper repipe would be the best solution for you.

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