Los Molinos Galvanized Repipe

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Galvanized repipeLos Molinos Galvanized Repipe

Galvanized pipes are steel pipes that are covered with a coating of zinc. This protective coating reduces corrosion and extends the life of the pipe. Before the 1970’s, galvanized pipes used to be the standard. Most homes, if not all, had their water systems routed with galvanized pipes. The reason why it fell out of favor is because of the protective zinc coating. Minerals in the water react with the zinc causing scale to form. As time passes, the scale builds up and the pipes begins to clog. When the zinc coating wears out, your pipes will begin to rust. At that point, a galvanized repipe is inevitable.

A repipe is the refitting of your existing plumbing or water lines with something better.¬†Gallagher’s offers a variety of solutions that’ll fit your needs and budget. Two of the most popular options are copper and pex. When you are in need of a galvanized repipe, give Gallagher’s a call.

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