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Pex repipe

In the old days, galvanized pipes used to be the standard. Nowadays, there are a variety of viable solutions. It all depends on your budget and preferences. A pex repipe is a popular solution. Pex is a type of plastic tubing made from high-density polyethylene. It’s popular because of its advantages.

Pex is cheap and flexible. It’s easy to install and can be threaded through walls. It is heat/freeze resistant and scratch/fracture resistant. Because of the material it is made out of, it is corrosion resistant and resistant to scale build up. Pex also has good insulation and is burst resistant.

As good as pex is, it does has it’s disadvantages. For starters, pex cannot be used outside or anywhere where UV light can reach it. UV light will cause bacteria growth inside of the pipes. Pex is not eco friendly; meaning that it cannot be recycled unlike materials like copper. It is also not fire resistant so in the case of a house fire, the pex piping would be destroyed. Pex also reacts with chlorinated water which can cause it to eventually fail.

There are a variety of solutions out there for you to discover. If a pex repipe is the one for you, then give Gallagher’s a call at 530-737-5112.

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