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Sump pump installation

Here at Gallagher’s, we offer installation services for sump pumps and ejector pumps. Both of which, are very important to have in your house. A sump pump is used to pump water from your basement or crawl space to outside of your home. The sump pump works together with a sump pit. A sump pit collects water from the basement or crawl space. There are two types of sump pumps:

  • Submersible
    • a submersible sump pump is located in a hole or sump pit. Water runs into this pit through either drains or gravity and is pump out through a pipe.
  • Pedestal
    • the only major difference between a pedestal sump pump and a submersible sump pump is that a pedestal pump is located above the sump pit. It works in pretty much the same way as the submersible one does.

When the water fills up the pit gets high enough to activate the pressure sensor, the pumps activate and start working. The pipes are usually outfitted with a one way valve to prevent water from returning. Give us a call today for all your sump pump installation needs.

An ejector pump is fairly similar to a sump pump except that an ejector pump is used for sewer water. Ejector pumps are usually installed in homes that have a bathroom that is below the city sewage pipes or home septic system. The sewage water grinds up the waste and send it up the outgoing pipes.

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