July 10, 2020

    Ideally, everything in your Sacramento, CA, home is going to operate as intended all the time. Appliances get old, however. This leads to them becoming worn-out, and eventually, they break down.

    Anytime there is a clogged drain or malfunctioning HVAC unit, it is inconvenient. Regular maintenance, which is one of our specialties at Gallagher's Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, is one way to find potential issues before they cause an emergency situation. There are also things that you can do to help avoid emergencies. Read on to learn more about some potential plumbing dangers you can avoid.

    Ignoring an Old Water Heater

    If you enjoy taking a warm shower or washing the dishes with warm water, you need to make sure that you are giving proper attention to your water heater. The water heater, like the rest of your home’s big-ticket appliances, is going to age. Since the water heater handles the heating of water, it is a prime candidate for corrosion and mold. Today, the average lifespan of a water heater is eight years.

    A professional technician like those at our company should inspect it on an annual basis to help it stay healthy until it reaches its eighth year. With proper care, there is no reason why it cannot last a little longer. Proper care also ensures that the water heater remains energy efficient. If you want to take that warm shower or wash your dishes with warm water, you should be able to do so. It does not have to cost extra, either.

    By keeping a water heater close to its manufacturer’s setting, it is less likely to leak or dump water into the foundation of your home. If you do not realize that this is happening, the day that you do find out, you might discover through the smell or sight of mold.

    Similarly, you should be mindful of any other kinds of water leaks. The truth is that water leaks always start off small. As soon as you spot it, you should prepare to do something about it. Leaks are a symptom of a greater issue. If the faucets are leaking, you may need new fixtures. If the pipes under the sink are leaking, you may need new pipes.

    Many homeowners are tempted to fix the water heater or leaks on their own. While it seems like an easy task on the outside, this isn’t always the case. A professional plumber is often needed to ensure that the project is not only completed properly but also safely.

    Hanging Items on Exposed Pipes

    It happens to everyone; you run out of space to hang something on or you need to hang your dry cleaning for only a second. The only solution you see is that exposed pipe. As tempting as it is, you are never encouraged to hang anything on exposed pipes. If the pipe is old enough, corroded enough or simply cannot handle additional weight anymore, it can burst. Burst pipes are a plumbing danger that should be avoided at all costs.

    When the pipe bursts, the amount of damage caused is going to be determined by how quickly you can shut off the water, which is not good. If the exposed pipes are too tempting, consider having a professional cover them for you. By staying away from exposed pipes, you are preventing one of the worst plumbing dangers.

    Pouring Some Items Down the Drain

    The drain was built to dispose of water and not too much else. However, since drains are often also used to dispose of soap, food particles and dirt, buildup can occur without you even knowing it. To limit this buildup, you should be careful with what you pour down the drain. In particular, you should avoid pouring grease and harsh cleaners into your sink.

    Instead of disposing of it through your drains, grease should be poured into a can and then thrown away. The same goes for harsh cleaners. If you feel like you need to pour harsh drain cleaners down the drain, you should speak with a professional. This probably means that you feel like your pipes are failing or need to be cleaned.

    A professional from our team can take care of your concern for you in a manner that is healthy for the drain and pipes. Harsh cleaning can eat away at your pipes. If it happens often enough or at the wrong time, you could end up with pipes that begin to leak.

    Abusing the Garbage Disposal

    Even though the garbage disposal is great for shredding larger food particles, you are not encouraged to go overboard. The garbage disposal has its limits. Also, like the rest of your appliances, it is going to age and become worn-out over time. When the garbage disposal reaches a certain age and you attempt to crush something particularly solid or large, it may get stuck and stop operating.

    Some items that you should not attempt to crush with your garbage disposal are:

    • Coffee grounds
    • Grease
    • Bones
    • Starchy grains
    • Vegetable peelings

    Items like starchy grains and vegetable peelings are going to stick to the disposal. Grease may build up on the disposal over time. Bones are very strong, and the disposal is no match for them. If you need to get rid of any of those items in large quantities, it is a better idea to throw them in the garbage instead.

    Flushing Some Things Down the Toilet

    Everyone has heard the cute story of parents who tried to help their children get over the death of their fish. To help their children cope, they hold a funeral for the fish. Then, the fish gets flushed down the toilet. While this is a heartwarming tale, you are never encouraged to flush any unusual items down the toilet. There are toilets that are not even built to flush away some types of heavy toilet paper. So, you need to be mindful of the features of your toilet as well as what is being flushed down.

    If you have children and those children are curious, you are strongly advised to child-proof your toilet. If a child manages to flush items down the toilet, eventually it is going to clog. A clogged toilet is not fun. It is on the same level as a clogged drain. One way to help adults remember not to flush anything down the toilet except for toilet paper is to ensure that there is a small wastebasket nearby. Some adults are tempted to flush cigarettes down the toilet. Even though these are small items, you should not flush them into your plumbing system.

    A clogged toilet due to foreign objects could have pretty awful effects. If the septic system becomes clogged, too, you could end up with expensive repairs on your hands. So, consider making small changes in order to prevent a plumbing danger instead.

    If you are having any plumbing issues, feel free to contact us at Gallagher's Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning to schedule an appointment in Sacramento. We also offer heating and cooling services as well as air quality solutions.

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