Electric HVAC System Upgrade

    Have you been considering HVAC electrification in Los Molinos, CA? Did you know that you could be entitled to a rebate if you upgrade to an energy-efficient electric HVAC system? At Gallagher's Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning, we provide this service and opportunity to all residents in the area and we’d be very happy to tell you more. Electrification involves the conversion of your heating system from a system that is dependent on fossil fuels to a system that uses electricity.

    HVAC Electrification Services in Los Molinos, CA

    For example, you could replace your oil or propane boiler with an electric heat pump and make some great savings. We offer a wide selection of electrical HVAC solutions and our team would be delighted to provide you with an estimate and more details about the rebates available.

    Your Experts in Electric HVAC Conversions

    We hear a lot in the news about climate change and switching to clean energy systems. Energy-efficient HVAC systems not only reduce your energy costs but also go a long way to protect the environment. In fact, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory says that electric conversion of your heating system could reduce residential energy consumption throughout the U.S, by up to 20%. Imagine what savings it could bring to you as a homeowner! We can give you advice on the right electrical HVAC equipment to suit your needs and the benefits to your home. If you’re currently relying on an old furnace or boiler and it’s costing you more in repair costs and running costs, speak to us today.

    Expert in HVAC Electrification installing electric HVAC system
    Here are some great reasons to consider electrification:
    • Reduce your energy costs
    • Easier to maintain
    • Improve efficiency throughout your home
    • Safer and more environmentally friendly

    The Best in Energy Efficient HVAC Systems

    When it comes to helping homeowners to reap the benefits and rebates that these upgrades have to offer, we lead the way. We’ve been in the HVAC industry since 1989 and we offer a wide selection of energy efficient HVAC systems for you to choose from. We’re fully bonded and licensed and proud holders of an A+ BBB rating. This is an accolade we work very hard to maintain through great service and customer care.

    A+ Better Business Bureau Accredited Business

    There are many reasons to switch to an electric HVAC system. From the energy savings and environmental benefits to the money you could receive back in rebates, we’d love to tell you more. It all starts with a quick call to our helpful team. We’ll arrange for a member of our team to visit your home and give you the lowdown on upgrading your existing system.

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    Los Molinos HVAC and Plumbing Experts

    Gallagher’s Plumbing, Heating, and Air Conditioning fields a staff of highly trained technicians capable of solving many of the problems a homeowner in Los Molinos, Chico, Redding, or Red Bluff might encounter.  We can repair or replace your furnace or heat pump, install a new AC or ductless mini split, repair an existing air conditioner, and tune-up your air conditioning or service your heating system. In addition we can test the quality of air you are breathing, clean your ducting, install air filtration systems, And convert your fossil fuel HVAC systems to electric energy efficient systems. Our plumbers can handle anything your home can dish out, from a clogged drain to a broken sewer line. We even install new fixtures such as water heaters or water filtration systems.