July 15, 2022
AC Install in Sacramento, CA

When the heating and air conditioning system in your Sacramento, CA home reaches its lifespan or has a major component failure, it’s time to plan for a new one. You may also want to replace your HVAC unit under other circumstances. Let’s take a look at the best time to have a new HVAC unit installed so that you can optimize your comfort and save money.

Major HVAC Unit Component Failure

Most of the time, heating and air conditioning systems operate effectively without any issues. However, skipping an annual tune-up, operating the system with a dirty filter and age-related wear and tear on key parts could cause a major system component to fail. Other unforeseen circumstances, such as a brown-out, power surge, lightning strike or flood could damage your air conditioner, heat pump or furnace.

After a thorough inspection of your HVAC unit, one of our technicians may recommend replacing it instead of repairing it. A replacement may be a better choice if the unit is close to its expected lifespan and needs considerable repairs. Even if the unit has only reached the halfway point of its lifespan, a major component failure may be the better option. For example, a compressor failure is one of the costliest repairs to make in an air conditioner. Replacing just the compressor may result in a mismatch with the indoor unit. Unmatched indoor and outdoor units result in a shorter lifespan and poor climate control. In this type of situation, you’re better off replacing the entire air conditioning system.

System Is Still Under Warranty

Many HVAC unit manufacturers offer generous warranty periods. While the terms of each warranty differ, some of these contracts state that if certain components fail, the manufacturer will replace the whole system and cover the installation costs. If your HVAC unit is still within the warranty period and the manufacturer offers these generous terms, this is a good time to replace the equipment instead of repairing it.

Home Remodeling or Addition

Many people convert an attic, storage room or basement into a living area. When you add to the living space of your home, you’ll need an HVAC system with enough capacity to effectively heat and cool the total amount of square footage. Your current system might not have enough capacity, which will result in poor climate control and excessively high utility bills. Using an under-powered HVAC system causes extra wear and tear, and the system could fail several years before its expected lifespan. Upgrading to a higher capacity HVAC system after a home remodeling project or addition ensures your comfort and saves you money on your monthly utility bills.

Planned Air Conditioner Replacement

When your air conditioner is 12 years old or older, this is the time to start planning an air conditioner replacement. The best time of the year for an air conditioner installation is mid-September to late November. This is the off-season, and installers will have more availability. There will also be a bigger selection of air conditioners available during the off-season. Another good time for an air conditioner installation is early spring. In March, Sacramento weather is mild, and HVAC technicians will have time in their schedules to install a new central cooling system in your home.

Planned Furnace Replacement

It’s also a good idea to plan your furnace replacement for the off-season. In Sacramento, this is from April through September. You’re unlikely to need your furnace during these warm months of the year. Technicians will have more openings in their schedules, and you’ll have access to a full range of in-stock furnaces at a variety of price points. Furnace manufacturers release their new offerings in early fall, so you could get a great deal on a brand-new model from the previous model year.

Planned Heat Pump Replacement

Unlike a central air conditioner or a furnace, a heat pump is in use almost all of the year. These convenient HVAC systems feature a reversing valve that allows them to heat your home in the wintertime and cool it in the summertime. If your heat pump is 12 years old or older, this is a good time to start planning its replacement. The best months of the year to replace your Sacramento heat pump are March and October. These months feature mild weather, so you’re less likely to need heating or cooling. The mild weather also means that technicians have more availability in their schedules to do installations.

Poor Temperature or Humidity Control

Some Sacramento homeowners work from home. When you’re spending most of your days and nights in your house, you quickly notice when the air is stale, sticky, humid, too warm or too cold. If your HVAC system system isn’t doing a good job of maintaining a consistent indoor temperature or ideal humidity level, this is a good time to replace it. You can get a better deal on a new system during the off-season, but if your comfort is suffering, replacing the system as quickly as possible will improve your quality of life.

Before Selling Your Home

If you plan to list your home for sale, consider replacing your old HVAC system. Depending on the real estate market at the time you choose to sell your home, you may need to make certain updates, upgrades or repairs to entice buyers to choose your property over others for sale. Replacing an old, inefficient or broken HVAC unit shows buyers that you’ve taken good care of your property. The buyers won’t have to immediately deal with an expensive installation right after buying the home.

Change in Family Circumstances

Perhaps you’ve been using a combination of fans and a window air conditioner to stay cool in the summertime. Maybe in the winter season, you’ve used space heaters to stay warm. A change in your family or household circumstances might necessitate the installation of a new HVAC unit. If a new baby or child is joining your family, this is a good reason to install a new HVAC system. When your parents need to move in with you, their fragile health might also require precise climate control.

If a member of your household has been diagnosed with a chronic health issue, a new HVAC system could help that person enjoy a better quality of life. A diagnosis of a breathing disorder, such as asthma or COPD, is also a good reason to arrange for an HVAC installation. Today’s newest HVAC systems offer optimized humidity control and use high-rated air filters to remove airborne particles from your home’s air.

In addition to heating and air conditioning system installations, our technicians at Gallagher's Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning also offer HVAC maintenance, repairs and plumbing services. Our maintenance agreements save you money and give you priority for repairs in case of a malfunction in your HVAC system. We also offer indoor air quality, air purification and duct cleaning services to make your home cleaner and healthier. Our water heaters and water purification systems offer convenience in your daily life. For more information about the best time to install a new HVAC unit in your Sacramento home, reach out to us at Gallagher's Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning any time.

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