October 2, 2019

Most people are using their thermostat in the summer and winter months to keep their homes comfortably cool or warm, but it costs you. Leaving your thermostat in the wrong settings can lead to a steep bill. Here, we will explain the optimal thermostat temperature and how you can save money. The more informed you are, the more you can save on your energy bill.

The recommended temperature for summer

In the summer, we recommend you set your home’s temperature to 78° if anyone is inside. However, even setting it a degree or two warmer can help contribute to lowering your bill. So, if people are away at school or work, increasing the settings can help you save more money.

The recommended temperature for winter

Once winter comes around, it is more necessary to use the heater to keep your home warm. The recommended temperature is 68° and you can also save money by lowering it when no one is home or you’re sleeping. Many people would rather sleep in cooler temperatures preferring to stay warm with blankets.

You may not even need to use your thermostat at all in the spring and fall. Simply opening the windows and using the natural breeze will provide the desired temperature. The Department of Energy even states that you can save as much as 10% a year by turning your thermostats back 7°-10°F for 8 hours a day in the summer and winter.

Manual Thermostat vs. Smart Thermostat

There are several types of thermostats and knowing the difference can save you money. There are manual thermostats where you are responsible for adjusting the temperature operating the machine. The other type of thermostat is called a smart thermostat. These are more advanced systems that can connect to wifi and an app on your phone. It also allows you to program a schedule to control the temperature throughout the day. The benefit of this type is the ability to adjust the temperature when you are away from home. Smart thermostats also provide information about energy usage and how to adjust your usage to save more money.

With these smart tips in mind, you can set your thermostats to the optimal temperature and save on your energy bill.

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