March 1, 2023
Sacramento, CA plumbing repair

Summer is a time for sunshine and warm weather, but it can also bring plumbing problems if you’re unprepared. From clogs and leaks to broken pipes, the hot temps of summer can wreak havoc on your home’s plumbing system. Proactively catching any signs of trouble early will help protect your pocketbook from expensive repairs. Below are some common summer plumbing issues that every homeowner should look out for as the temperatures rise.


Fixtures like faucets and toilets can wear down during high humidity and intense heat due to metal components’ expansion and contraction. This can cause small leaks at the joints that may not be visible immediately but quickly worsen over time. These small leaks can, in turn, cause larger, more costly issues if not taken care of.

It’s best to be proactive and catch these small issues before they worsen. You can easily know if you have a leaking faucet just by looking for wetness around the base of the fixture. You may also hear water dripping in your walls. Another way to catch a small leak is to check your water meter for any changes in the reading.


The extra heat and moisture in the air during the summertime can cause all sorts of toilet trouble. Look out for rusting, corrosion, and mineral buildup on the drain lines. These can all lead to clogged toilets. This is especially common in older plumbing systems.

These clogs can be really hard to clear out, leading to serious blockages or even breaking pipes due to pressure buildup.

Additionally, summertime is usually when kids are home from school, which can dramatically increase water usage. This increased toilet flushing can also lead to plumbing issues like cracks due to increased pressure. Be proactive and regularly inspect your toilets to avoid costly repairs or replacements.


Low water pressure is another of the common summer plumbing issues homeowners can experience during summer. This can be caused by anything from changes in regional water levels to clogs in your pipes. If you notice your water pressure is low, it’s best to contact a plumber right away. They can diagnose the problem and repair it before it becomes more serious.


During the summer months, water heater problems become more common. The intense summer heat can cause stress on the tank and plumbing system, leading to the development of cracks. Additionally, heavy hot water usage during this time can strain the system and cause it to fail out of nowhere.

Another issue that causes water heater problems during the summer is a lack of insulation. To ensure your water heater doesn’t overheat, watch for wear and tear on the insulation and replace it if necessary.


The summer heat can lead to several complications with your washing machine. Issues like clogged pipes or hoses, broken seals, and rusty hinges can cause you a headache. Worse, they can create unnecessary wear and tear on the machine.

It’s best to inspect your washing machine for damage before the summer season. Pay close attention to leaks, odd noises, or excessive vibrations. If any of these issues occur, it might be time to call in a professional for repairs or replacement.


Your outdoor plumbing, like sprinklers and hoses, can also give you trouble during the summer. The intense summer heat and the surge of water usage can cause underground pipes to break, leading to flooding in your yard or basement.

Replace any damaged parts immediately, which will help keep your system running smoothly throughout the season. Additionally, ensure that all hose connections are tight and secure so that no extra water is going to waste due to a faulty connection.


During this time of year, heavy thunderstorms can flood basements and other house areas. If your sump pump isn’t working properly, you could have an unexpected flood on your hands.

To ensure efficiency, avoid letting dirt and debris accumulate around your sump pump. Additionally, ensure the pump has enough power to handle the increased water from summer’s frequent rainstorms. Lastly, check the pump often to make sure it’s working properly.


The increased use of dishwashers and garbage disposals during summer can cause plumbing issues if they’re improperly maintained. The additional strain on the system can lead to clogs, which can lead to backups—or worse.

When a dishwasher is overloaded, it can cause food and debris to build up in the system. To prevent this, only put in as many dishes as the machine can handle and do regular maintenance throughout the season.

Garbage disposals can also be prone to problems during the summer months. Use cold water when running your disposal. Hot water can cause grease and other items to stick to the blades more easily.

Additionally, don’t overload it with too much food at a time. Doing these things will help keep your disposal working properly all summer long.


Sewer lines can become clogged during summer due to increased usage and other factors. Overflows, backups, and blockages can all be hazardous to your health and costly to repair.

To prevent sewer line problems, ensure you properly dispose of fats, oils, and grease. Additionally, avoid flushing large items not meant for a toilet down the drain. Finally, have your sewer lines inspected often throughout the season. This will help address any potential issues before they become serious problems.


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