June 3, 2022
Multi Zone AC in Sacremento, CA

Getting a new air conditioning system in your home is exciting. Instead of having to deal with an old unit or with stifling hot temperatures, you can look forward to cooler days soon. Before you achieve this more comfortable environment, you’ll need to decide between a multi-zone or single-zone AC system.

Understanding the Systems

The first step is to understand the difference between multi-zone or single-zone AC. A single-zone system means that every room in your house will be the same temperature. With a multi-zone system, you can customize the temperature from room to room or zone to zone.

In other words, you could decide for each room to be its own zone, or to group rooms into zones. For example, all of the bedrooms on the second floor could make up one zone.

Accounting for the House Size

One major factor that plays into the multi-zone or single-zone AC debate is the size of the house. A multi-zone system is typically the better choice for larger houses. The odds are that you don’t need every single room at the same temperature all day long. If you have a small one-story house, such as a cozy ranch or a cottage, then a multi-zone system is likely unnecessary.

Conserving Energy

Once you’ve decided that a multi-zone system is most appropriate, you can start looking at the other benefits. A multi-zone system ultimately helps in terms of saving energy. It also allows you to cool only the rooms that are necessary.

For example, you will likely keep the bedrooms warmer during the day as these spaces don’t need to be cooled when no one is sleeping. At night, you can raise the temperature in the rest of the house and make the bedrooms cooler.

Accounting for Structural Differences

Some rooms in your house might have high ceilings, or certain spaces might get a lot more sunlight than other areas. Therefore, the rooms have different heating and cooling needs. A multi-zone system allows you to address these differences efficiently. That way you can keep your family happy while saving money.

Combining With Heating

Another useful option is to combine the multi-zone air conditioning with your home’s heating. You can have both of these systems installed in a streamlined fashion at the same time. Use the multi-zone system to both heat and cool the house with greater ease.

Saving Money

It’s true that a multi-zone system will likely cost more in terms of installation than a single-zone system. However, you can see other money-saving benefits with the first option over the long term.

A single-zone system will force you to cool your whole home at all times. Doing so can lead to some pretty expensive bills. A multi-zone system offers greater control over cooling bills.

Extending System Life

Choosing a multi-zone option could also help to extend the life of the system. In other words, since you won’t be powering up the air conditioner at full speed in all rooms of the house every day, the system can last for longer. A multi-zone system may also require fewer repairs and less maintenance for the same reason.

Customizing the Temperature

You might find that your family members are constantly arguing over what temperature to set the air conditioning at. Multi-zone systems can alleviate this tension. You can keep everyone in the house happy by adjusting each area to suit their needs.

Caring for Pets

Smart pet owners know how important keeping the home safe and comfortable for pets is. With a multi-zone system, you can save money and only cool one area for your pets. Set the temperature in the zone where the pets hang out to a number that is safe for your furry friends.

Controlling the System Remotely

With a multi-zone system, you don’t need to go all the way to the thermostat. One option is to have a remote control that allows you to change the temperature from anywhere in the house. Smart systems are becoming more popular now as well. You can have a cool house waiting for you without paying for AC to run all day.

Renting Spaces

With a multi-zone system, you can also more easily turn parts of your home into rental properties. For example, you might want to rent out the basement, the second floor or an attached apartment. A single-zone system can make this process more difficult.

Your renters are not necessarily going to want their living space set to the same temperature as yours. Advertising the rental as coming with its own air conditioning zone can be quite attractive and can generate more inquiries.

Selling the Home

People purchasing larger homes are often looking for multi-zone air conditioning systems because of the many benefits. Having a single-zone system may count against you when you try to sell.

Even if selling your house is not on your current to-do list, it’s still worth keeping in mind. A multi-zone system could lead to a faster and more profitable sale.

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