September 5, 2022
Home Warranty in Sacramento, CA

A Home warranty plan can be a smart financial investment that can save you thousands of dollars. Of course, you will have to pay a monthly or yearly fee for the insurance. Despite this, you can greatly benefit from a warranty when big problems arise. Depending on your specific policy, a home warranty may also cover some or all of your HVAC system.

Understanding the Types of Home Warranties

Home warranties typically cover repair costs for your major appliances and systems. In most cases, the warranty will cover all labor and replacement parts. The warranty should also cover replacing equipment or appliances that fail due to age or normal wear and tear.

Some home warranty plans will cover only your major appliances while others will only cover your plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. You can also find plans that will cover everything.

What HVAC Components Will a Home Warranty Cover?

When choosing a home warranty plan, it is vital that you carefully read through the policy. This will help you make an informed decision based on the coverage.

Most plans only cover your furnace, central air conditioner, heat pump, and blower fan. Expect coverage for radiator systems as well. Some plans will also cover electrical wall heaters.

The best home warranty plans should also cover your home’s ductwork and the various other HVAC components, like your thermostat. If you want complete protection, this is definitely the type of plan to choose. Home warranty plans will generally only cover permanent HVAC components. It is unlikely that the warranty will cover a swamp cooler, window air conditioner or space heater.

Home warranty plans may also pay for the cost of maintenance on any covered components. The plan will typically pay for you to have your heating and air conditioning systems maintained once a year. This type of policy is great as it can help ensure your systems are working effectively and efficiently. Regular maintenance can also reduce your energy costs and extend the life of your furnace, AC unit, and other HVAC equipment.

How Does an HVAC Home Warranty Work?

After signing up for a home warranty plan, contact your warranty provider if your HVAC system starts experiencing any issues. You will first need to file a claim with the provider. The company will then schedule a technician to come and inspect your system.

Most home warranty companies will require you to use whatever HVAC contractor they specify. However, some plans let you choose, as long as they meet licensing and certification requirements.

The technician will inspect your system and perform whatever repairs are necessary to get the system working correctly. Your technician will schedule a replacement appointment if the system can’t be repaired.

Most warranty plans charge a flat rate per visit. Expect your flat rate to stay constant for the year. You will only have to pay the flat rate, no matter how major the repair is.

Your policy will also cover AC Replacements. Expect your policy to cover an equivalent unit to your old one. Some warranty options will also let you pay the price difference for an upgrade.

How Are Home Warranty Claims Judged?

When you file a claim, the HVAC technician will first need to determine the cause of the damage. They judge whether the damage resulted from age, wear and tear, or some other issue. Your plan will usually only cover wear and tear damage.

If your unit gets damaged by something else like a storm or flood, the warranty won’t cover it. The good news is that in these situations your homeowner’s insurance should cover the damage.

Most home warranties have very specific requirements in terms of maintenance. You will typically need to have the system maintained by a licensed, certified professional every year. Failing to meet maintenance requirements may void your warranty.

Performing any work on your HVAC system yourself will definitely void your warranty. So will hiring an unlicensed AC worker. For this reason, it is essential that you always hire a professional HVAC contractor for any necessary repair or maintenance work.

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