November 4, 2020

It’s important to check the health of your furnace before winter rolls in. Now is the time to do a little preparation work before winter. Once the holidays come around, the last thing on your mind is your furnace. With this checklist, you can make sure your heating system is ready for winter.

Check Your Furnace

If you want to have your furnace ready for cold weather, you need to schedule an inspection. These inspections will check the health of your heating system. With a tune-up, you can address potential problems before they turn into big repair bills. A visit from a professional can help keep your heating system in optimal shape.

While there are initial costs for an inspection visit, you can save money later on by keeping your unit maintained, so it doesn’t need repairs as often. Plus, inefficient furnaces can cause your heating bills to rise. When you schedule a maintenance visit, any small problems with your heating system can be found and addressed before they morph into bigger, more expensive ones.

In addition to that, most furnace manufacturers recommend that you schedule an annual tune-up by a professional. You can skip it, but you may be voiding the warranty on your heating system if you do so. It’s better to schedule a maintenance visit during the fall. Fall is a great time to get maintenance because if there are any problems discovered, you can get them fixed before the cold winter weather sets. Professional inspections can give you peace of mind that your heating system is ready to go.

Change Your Filters

If you schedule a preventative maintenance visit, then the air filters are usually changed for you. However, changing the air filters is also something you can do yourself. Clean air filters are essential because you need the proper airflow to prevent any dust or debris from entering your air ducts.

A dirty filter can put your heating system under additional pressure. In turn, the components under pressure will have to work harder to push air into your home. All that added pressure on your system could cause parts to break down. You could be left with a hefty repair bill or may need to replace your whole heating system.

You can avoid all those hassles by replacing your air filters. You should check the filter for excess dirt and debris every month. If it’s dirty, then it needs to be tossed out and replaced. You can generally plan on replacing your air filters approximately every three months.

Keep Ducts Clean

HVAC ducts are often hidden away in your home. The ducts are important since they help move air throughout your house. If any of your ducts are damaged or dirty, then there could be big problems for your system. Leaky air ducts can drive up your heating bills and decrease the quality of air in your home. In addition to that, excess air pressure can put added stress on your furnace.

You want to make sure there are no leaks, dents, or punctures in your ductwork. If your HVAC unit pushes air through the same vents for summer and winter, you need to schedule an inspection. While you could handle this inspection by yourself, it’s always recommended to call a professional. These technicians have the right equipment to make sure your ducts are in optional shape. Technicians can also resolve any problems with the ducts.

Move Obstructions Away From Vents

You need the right amount of air flowing through your ductwork. If you close off vents in certain rooms and spaces, this is the time to open them up for the winter. When you block off an air vent, it makes your furnace work harder. These actions will cause the furnace to increase its internal temperature. In turn, your system runs the risk of overheating. You need to open all the vents and registers throughout your home. When you open the vents, you’ll optimize the airflow throughout your home.

You might also want to remove any obstructions away from the vents. These blockages can raise the risk of fires throughout your home. Like closed vents, these obstructions will cause your heating system to become less efficient over the season. If you want to keep your ductwork free from blockages, move all furniture, plants, and toys away from the vents and registers.

Purchase a Humidifier

Many homeowners complain that a heating system can make the air feel dry. You might notice dry air in the form of excess static electricity. If you want to avoid dry air and static shock, then it might be time to invest in a humidifier. You can purchase a unit for the entire house or just one room. These systems will keep your air feeling nice and comfortable. Like a heater, these systems have a filter you’ll need to change on a monthly basis. You want to keep the indoor air healthy throughout the winter season.

Set Your Thermostat

If you want a more comfortable winter season, you should think about buying a programmable digital thermostat. These thermostats can save you a few dollars on your energy bills as they keep you comfortable all winter long. Some thermostats can quickly learn your preferences and adjust the temperature throughout the day. If you leave to go to work, you can set the thermostat to lower the temperature at a specific time. With these thermostats, you will even be able to check on the temperature with a smartphone app. With a programmable thermostat, it’s never been easier to set the right temperature for your home.

Check Those Connections

With an annual inspection, your service technician will check all the connections of your heating system components. If you want to handle this chore by yourself, you need to make sure all the connections are tight. Improper oil and gas connections can lead to a fire. In some cases, they can leak gas fumes into your home. A cracked heat exchanger could cause your system to operate less efficiently. With these little fixes, you can remain healthy and safe in your home.

Stay Comfortable This Winter

With this checklist, you can get your furnace and heating system in top shape for the upcoming season. Some of the work can be completed by yourself, but you may want to leave the hard jobs to the professionals. During the coldest part of winter, you can make sure your furnace is ready to keep you warm and comfortable.

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