March 22, 2023
Plumbing services in Sacramento, CA

Plumbing problems often catch a homeowner off guard. Sometimes, the issue may be something minor, such as a leaking faucet or drain. Other times, the problem might be severe, with the potential of causing major damage if left alone. Whether the problem is big or small, a licensed and certified plumber is the right person to call.

When you’re in need of a plumber, you may review a company’s website or advertisements. A potential client may determine that a particular plumber is right for the job in several ways. For example, a positive rating from the Better Business Bureau is a good sign to look for.

A homeowner or business owner might notice that plumbers often promote themselves as being “licensed and certified.” Other plumbers may lack such credentials. It’s unwise to hire unqualified plumbers to take care of your delicate plumbing problems.


So, what kinds of licenses should you look out for? For one, a plumber may procure a license from the state or a local government agency.

Once licensed, plumbers can work as a journeyman or master plumber, and there are some key differences between the two. A master plumber usually possesses more experience and training. They may handle duties outside a journeyman’s scope. A journeyman plumber is qualified to handle common repairs, routine maintenance, and basic installations at a residence.

Some plumbing jobs are simple, and homeowners may be tempted to tackle something themselves in an effort to save money. Sure, you might just want to replace a leaky faucet or unclog a toilet yourself. However, hiring a licensed and certified plumber will ensure the job is done right.

Hiring an unlicensed plumber could result in a disaster when the work is more complicated. In certain states, there are specific laws that protect a homeowner or business owner from a novice plumber. It would be illegal for an unlicensed plumber to accept jobs over $500 as the law exists in California.

Hiring a licensed and certified plumber may come with several upsides. Understanding potential benefits could sway a homeowner to call a licensed plumbing contractor to perform the requested work.


Anyone who hires a plumber wants the job done properly. A general repairer could have a basic idea about plumbing, but a job might be more complicated than it appears. Also, handling the job correctly may require using specific tools that a general service professional might lack.

In some unfortunate instances, a non-licensed plumber could take shortcuts that a journeyman or master plumber might not. The shoddy work they perform will most likely only be a bandaid solution. In fact, you might end up dealing with the same problem twice.

Someone attempting to fake their way through a plumbing job could also worsen the problem. It’s better to hire someone with the proper credentials to fix your problem the first time.


Years of experience are the hallmark of a licensed professional. These years instill a plumber with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to handle their duties. The claim is usually credible when a licensed and certified plumber highlights their many years of experience. After all, someone cannot become a master plumber without previously working as an apprentice and a journeyman.


Safety counts when performing plumbing work, and plumbers risk injuring themselves and others if they botch specific jobs. Plumbers might use electrical equipment near leaks, and a mistake could cause a fire. Fires or explosions may result if the worker does not safely handle a job near flammable gas. Lack of knowledge and experience might increase the risks of such incidents.


A homeowner wants the job done the right way and completed without unnecessary delays. True, some tasks take time because they are more involved. Even still, a licensed plumber will be able to work much more efficiently. They have all of the tools and experience to solve problems quickly and properly.

Dragging out a job could waste a busy homeowner’s time. Everyone in the house may feel inconvenienced until the job is over. So, the clients would likely prefer someone capable of swiftly and safely completing the work.


A licensed and certified professional is likely to carry insurance that addresses liability. An unlicensed plumber may lack such insurance or not be eligible for it. If the worker causes damage to the property or injures someone while performing their task, liability insurance might cover the losses.

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